Norman v. Borison

Petitioner Stephen Norman and two others owned equal shares in Sussex Title Company. Respondents Scott Borison and the Legg Law Firm filed on behalf of their clients a proposed class action lawsuit against multiple defendants-companies, including Sussex, for their alleged participation in âthe single largest mortgage scam in Maryland history.â Respondents did not name Petitioner as a defendant in any version of their original complaint. However, in the second amended complaint, Petitioner was mentioned in certain allegations. Petitioner claims that respondents defamed him by republishing the pleadings to the press and on the internet, and by making verbal comments to the press about the lawsuit. The Supreme Court found that an absolute privilege applies to Respondentsâ challenged statements contained in the pleadings because they âreasonably contemplated [the] proceedingsâ of the class action suit. The Court affirmed the appellate courtâs judgment dismissing Petitionerâs defamation action.